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"I feel fortunate to have a cleaners available in our area that provides such careful attention and care to my clothes.  I have been a client for some years, and have enjoyed the relationship."
J. Driggs  

"Excellent dry cleaning. They give a new life to the garments. Old garments start looking like new!!! Also give a good feeling because eco friendly...."
I. Singh  

"Wonderful Cleaners! I have been coming to Normandy for 18 years."

"Normandy is an excellent cleaner. I have been doing business with them for many years. They never disappoint. My clothing is always good condition and cleaned properly. They also have an excellent seamstress that I highly recommend.
Normandy cleaner is a great cleaners and valued asset to the Potomac Village."

J. Mcnally 

"I have been a loyal customer of Normandy Dry Cleaners for the past 20 years. I have found that under the ownership and management of Mr. and Mrs. Park, the business has always provided top-notch service.  Whenever I need same day service or some particular " emergency" assistance, they are always happy to take care of it. All of the employees are courteous and efficient -- it is rare that I have to wait more than a few minutes before I am helped. It is also very nice that not only do Mr. and Mrs. Park recognize me and know my name, but so do the employees.  In fact, one remembers my phone number in addition to my name! I have always been happy to bring my dry cleaning business to Normandy Dry Cleaners."

S. Gray