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Areas of Service

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a variety of services without sacrificing quality or care. The following are the services you can expect for your daily clothing needs:  

  • Environment Friendly Dry Cleaning

  • Expert Tailoring - Custom Made

  • Specializing in Stain Removal

  • Wedding Gown and Sequined gown

  • Quality Laundry Service

  • Odor Care with Ozone System

  • Antique Garment Care

  • Household Item & Drapery

  • Area Rug, Leather & Fur

​     We Provide Text Alert Service
     We Use Biodegradable Poly Bag

As always, we are committed to attending to our customers’ needs. So please feel free to open up to us about what you need! We promise to accommodate you to the full extent of our abilities.