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A Bit About Us

When we first entered into dry cleaning business here in Potomac Promenade Village, we used PERC based solvent to wash our customers’ clothes like most other dry cleaners were doing. However, over time we began to realize the detrimental effects such harsh chemicals

had upon the human body and our natural environment. That is why in 2003, we gave up the use of PERC and became the first dry cleaner in the Washington metropolitan area to install the CO2 dry cleaning system.

However, the company that provided parts and services for our system eventually went under, and we were no longer able to operate the CO2 dry cleaning of which we had been so proud of. But even though our machine was gone, our desire for providing healthy and natural dry cleaning wasn’t. So we decided to pursue another environmentally friendly dry cleaning system. After all, what with our history and our pricing, we had a reputation to uphold!

That is why after an extensive research into the current market for environmentally-friendly dry cleaning, we finally decided on GreenEarth dry cleaning system. It uses non-hazardous, non-toxic liquid silicones to gently wash your clothes without harming the environment or your skin.

For us, nothing is more important than putting forward the best quality service with the utmost pride in our craft. And with the help of our newest dry cleaning system, we will keep doing what we love to do best - making the world clean, one garment at a time!